programs, plays and recitals.

by kangelbeck on June 14, 2012

the month of may was packed.

haidyn performed in a fun mother’s day program.

she had a short line in the program, but was prepared to recite the entire program ‘just in case all the other kids got sick and couldn’t say their lines.’ :)

irelynd participated in her very first drama performance.

it seems so out of character for her, but she LOVES being on stage.

she was asked to do the opening prayer for both shows:

her big solo performance :)

irelynd also participated in her second piano recital.

she’s not quite as crazy about piano as she is about drama.

she recently told me that her talents are ‘singing and dancing, not piano and swimming.’


despite piano not being one of her ‘talents,’ she’s still doing a great job.




by kangelbeck on May 20, 2012





by kangelbeck on May 19, 2012

dearest haidyn,

how is it possible that YOU, my baby girl, are 5?!

you are so full of energy, spunk, life.

hopping, skipping and running your way through each day…never walking, never a dull moment.

your sister and daddy are your ‘most favorite’ people in the world.

on most days, you and ‘i-i’ are best friends.

you are strong, independent, passionate and have big dreams for such a little girl.

since you could talk, you’ve said you want to be a doctor…

…some days it’s a ‘baby doctor’ or ‘doggie doctor’, others it’s an ‘astronaut doctor’…but dr. haidyn, nevertheless.

your daddy and i pray that as you continue to grow, you will allow god to show you how to take all your dreams and talents and run with them…to ultimately bring him glory.

we love you and are so thankful for you, sweet girl. 


just kickin’ it.

by kangelbeck on May 7, 2012



baby fix #2.

by kangelbeck on May 7, 2012

irelynd and i took a fun little trip last week to visit baby leena….and taylor and joanna, of course:)

so fun to see this new little family together:

no surprise, joanna’s a natural at motherhood…

…i think taylor’s got the fatherhood thing down, as well:

irelynd did a great job helping joanna and taylor with sweet leena.

they hit if off right away.

as you can see, it was a tough job taking care of leena…

….but somehow we survived :)

oh yeah… can’t forget to document irelynd and taylor’s game time.

they had a great time inventing new pool activites…

….and numerous other fun games that i failed to document (but that irelynd is still talking about and trying to recreate at home :)

thanks for such a fun visit, taylor, joanna and leena…looking forward to seeing you again soon!



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baby redding.

by kangelbeck on April 30, 2012

this past weekend we got the chance to meet nate and jessica’s precious baby boy, redding winston picard.

he’s adorable.

a spitting image of his big brother.

the girls love him.

especially irelynd.

she would have held him all day if given the opportunity.

had to keep a close eye on this one, though…

she got a bit too excited at times about ‘petting it.’

looking forward to meeting another sweet baby later this week….



by kangelbeck on April 30, 2012


kick. swim. run.

by kangelbeck on April 30, 2012

irelynd just joined a new soccer team.

it’s her first go at a competitive team level.

let’s just say there’s going to be a lot of soccer from now until the end of the year.

soccer for u8′s is not what it used to be.  serious business around here.  this may be our first and last competitive season.  we’ll see :)

irelynd’s swim team recently held a swim-a-thon to raise money for their team.

it was a bit chaotic…but fun.

irelynd swam 32 laps in an hour.

(a video clip for nana:)

haidyn’s working on her swimming, as well…

both girls ran their little hearts out for their annual ‘spirit run.’


haidyn got to run with irelynd for one lap…she led the way the entire lap :)




swim team.

by kangelbeck on March 22, 2012

irelynd started swimming on a local swim team back in january.

it’s been so fun to watch her strokes improve over the past couple months…she’s a great, little swimmer.

she has a fantastic freestyle and backstroke…

…she’s coming along in her breaststroke…

and, well…we all know how hard the butterfly is :)

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more colorado.

by kangelbeck on March 22, 2012

after a great time with the nanas’ and papas,’ we headed up to breckenridge to meet some of our friends from san diego.

it was a great week with the o’brien family.

the girls adore these boys and they all had so much fun.

not sure where irelynd’s pants went in this picture?

jake and irelynd.

haidyn and beckett.

abby and quinn (aka ‘boppy’)


a cheesy duo.

all geared up for their first day of ski school.

hitting the slopes.

ski school.

miss those beautiful mountains.

the last day of our trip, we headed over to copper mtn. to do some tubing.

wrapped up the day with some hot cocoa.

it was a really fun trip.

irelynd’s already counting down the days until ‘next year’s ski trip.’ :)